hydraulic repair services

At Precision Hydraulic Technology, we have the expertise and the equipment to repair hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications. Whether you need a mobile repair for your mobile application equipment or an industrial repair for your other systems – we’re dedicated to providing the best hydraulic repair service in West Texas.

Full service repairs

Our repair facilities can handle most brands of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, winches and power units for your hydraulic and pneumatic systems. 

Our full-service repair shop is equipped with a 250 hp test bench where we can repair, rebuild, and retest motors, pumps, and other hydraulic components for maximum operational efficiency.

let us help you get back to work today!

Need our expert hydraulic repair services for your industrial or mobile applications? Get started today by calling us at (432) 530-2076 or send us a message online. We can diagnose and fix your hydraulic systems quickly and efficiently. 

efficient Industrial
Mobile Unit Repairs

Hydraulic systems on large trucks can wear out quickly with heavy use. Our experienced staff will diagnose and solve any system issues so you’re minimizing downtime.

Need additional assistance finding the correct parts? We partner with industry leaders in hydraulic & pneumatic products, so you’re always getting the best from our repair services.